You DO have time!


My clients usually report “not having enough time” as their reason for not practicing Self Care.

That, and money. I show them how spending time on them is totally affordable, and how it can increase their time and energy, so that they can tackle their day to day responsibilities with greater ease.

So, whether you have one hour, or one minute, a million bucks or a dollar, you’re sure to find something here that will usher you along your way to Self Care.  If you already do these things, congratulations!  Spread the word.


1 hour?

  • Pick up a book.

Turn off your phone and computers, iPads and turn on your mind. Reading reduces stress and tension by allowing the mind to shift gears from high intensity to relaxation and enjoyment.  Reading also improves your memory, vocabulary, and knowledge base.  And reading won’t break the bank.  If you don’t want to spend $30 bucks on a book, take a visit to your local library.

  • Take a nap.

I don’t know about you; it takes time for me to unwind into a comfortable nap. Some people say all you need is twenty minutes for a good nap. I say that’s true. I also say give yourself some time to settle into the nap, so that you get a full twenty minutes, and you have the time to prepare for whatever’s next!

30 mins?

  • Have a beer. You know that a beer can take the edge off a stressful day. Did you know that there were health benefits too?

Don’t like beer? Try wine. Both beer and wine have antioxidants, and reduce stroke.

*Note: Responsibility is key. One beer or one glass of wine daily, is considered moderate. More than that and you risk health issues.

  • Get an HIV test.

Planned Parenthood offers a rapid HIV test that is quick, easy and painless. You collect your specimen, and twenty minutes later, you know your status. What better way to say that your health is important to you, and those you love?

15 minutes?

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You can’t manage Time. You can manage what you do in the time you have.


  • Make and enjoy a cup of tea.

There’s a tea for just about everything! From headaches, sore throats, and stress to joint health, and even lactation (sorry guys). Pick a tea. Any tea. Want to relax? There’s a tea for that. Cozy up with your favorite mug and enjoy!

  • Solve a puzzle.

Solving puzzles like Soduku and playing word games like crosswords, word searches or cryptograms seem like a waste of time. Fact is, you can receive many of the benefits of reading, by taking a crack at a game. Besides, they’re fun, and work the frontal lobe, which controls decision making, problem solving, and emotions.

5 mins.?

  • Take five full minutes to fully moisturize after your shower.

Using light pressure and circular motion, your skin and muscles benefit from a nice massage. Your skin will thank you, by looking and feeling healthy.

  • Drink 16oz. of water.

Water keeps your system in order. It also keeps your skin healthy *and* improves your sex life. Have a drink. Cheers!

1 min. or less?

  •  Use a condom.

With the rise of sexually transmitted infections and diseases, it just makes sense. If it takes longer than a minute to put on a condom, you need more practice ;-).

  • Laugh.

Laughing releases endorphins our body’s natural pain and stress reliever. Laughing also reduces cortisol, can boost immunity, and even give a quick burst of energy.

It takes about 2 minutes to read this blog.  If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!!  If not, do something for yourself.  It only takes a minute.

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