Why the Twitter, Sia, Kendrick Lamar & Spotify Ain’t Shit

Y’all know…

I’ve been off of the Facebook, for well over a month now, and admittedly, I’m feeling myself.

One of my favorite phrases has become “I’m not on the Facebook” when people ask me if I saw such-and-so’s post about:

The Olympics,   et. al

Nate Parker and consent

Leslie Jones

Kanye West

Thing 1

Thing 2

Colin Kaepernick

and Queen Sugar.

Good FroHavior, Lambswool 2016

Since my last post, I’ve kept my kitchen up.  I’d say that at the very worst, my kitchen has been at 80%.

I’ve a laundry routine – Every Sunday, 4 loads.

I drink at least 4 8 oz. glasses of water, everyday, which has absolutely nothing to do with my desire to check my facebook page.

You can judge all you want, this is a 90% improvement.


And my FroHavior, has been on point.  On fleek.  Fly as hell.  Can we say adulting?  Yep.  I’m feelin’ myself.

So, I’m not off of all of the social media.  I left the Facebook, and went back to the Twitter and Instagram, which together, is like the Facebook Light.  And while I have an entire blog a’brew about the differences in ‘book and tweet culture, what I want to talk about now, is the what prompted the title of this write in particular.


I was on the Twitter, minding everybody on my timeline’s business, when I see this tweet from Sia talmbout Stop everything.   The Greatest is here, says Sia.  Featuring Kendrick Lamar??

Yes and Yes.

Listen to it on Spotify, tweets Sia.  Here’s a link for you, tweets Sia.


I stop. I click that link, and there I am on the Spotify.  I log in using my Email  Address, and password because I no longer have access to immediate login access via the Facebook anymore, because, you know…

“I’m not on the Facebook”

And, boom.  I’m in, I’m listening…

eh.  I had to stop everything for this??  Nonsense.  I’m listening…

And then it happened:


Say what?!?

After all of this time, this click-thirsty succubus the Facebook has found a way back in.  You see, if you’ve ever because I have logged into apps the quick and easy “connect through Facebook” way, it doesn’t matter if you I choose to one day, log in using your my email address and username.  Unless of course, you I open an entirely new account, and curate an entirely new set of playlists, which is going to take a considerable amount of time (which, may not be an all bad idea considering it’s been months since you I’ve actually listened to these playlists…)

And in the midst of that clusterthought, comes this question:

How much time is too much to put in, if the end result is what you want?

Which is the response to:

It just takes too much time to…  (insert appropriate, well thought out excuse, here)

We’ve all heard them.  I know for a fact, I’ve told them.

And so, here I am, finally finishing this damned entry, while creating a new Spotify account.  The old fashioned way.  By email.

And for the record, and in retrospect, those named in the title didn’t do anything to me.  They’re not “ain’t shit”.  I’m just mad because I didn’t go back to the Facebook willingly, and it looks like I did.  Because I didn’t ask for a welcome back.  Because of all of the “I knew she’d be back”s that I’d convinced myself were looming.

I know.  It’s crazy.  It’s bullshit.

Yep.  And it’s honest.

Also:  I meant what I said about the song.  Without the video, it’s just meh.  Nothing to stop everything for.

Oh.  And shoutout to the Bitmoji App, that provides these spot-on avatars of me!






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