Do You Know What You Want?


What do women really want??


Hell if they know. I’m saying it.

One ofthe biggest problems with today’s relationships…

…is women. Yes, you.

I asked over 125 women two simple questions:

What is a man’s responsibility in a relationship, and

What do you want from a man in a relationship.

Want to see what these women said?


scheherazade washington parrish
You mad?


don’t worry…I’ll wait.


That’s right. These women on the Twitter and the “Unhappily Married” social media groups, the ones that are so quick to tell the world what’s wrong with their man, seemingly, don’teven know what it is that they want from their man…or any man for that matter. That’s what the answers show. We’re mad though. We’re mad because our men aren’t what we want them to be…aren’t doing what we want them to do…


Here’s a thought: How can our men deliver on something, if they don’t know what they’re supposed to be delivering??

Sure, we can say what men are “supposed” to know. My question is,


Further, why would you leave your happiness to an assumption? Isn’t your happiness worth the effort of knowing what it is, and what is needed to keep it?

I invite you to take 10 minutes, and think about what it is you actually want of your man. Be specific. For instance, if you say, “I want him to be considerate”–dig deeper. What does considerate look like? What would your man have to do, in order for you to say, “wow, he’s really considerate”.

You may just find that what you’re looking for, is already there. I’d love to see what you find, and help you get what you want!


You’re worth it!


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