The Work Is Yours. Do It! SixWordCoaching: Relationships

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What’s ONE thing you’re doing differently?


Healthy Relationships.

“I want to be in a healthy relationship”  or “I’m removing myself from toxic relationships”…

This is a declaration most often made post heartbreak, or, New Years Eve.  But what exactly is a healthy relationship?  I mean, we’re striving for it, but do we know what we’re reaching for?  Do you?

Self CARE Action Plan –

Step One

Make a list of the characteristics of your healthy relationship.  Not Oprah’s.  Not Dr. Phil’s.   Not, Steve Harvey’s.

Step Two

Being fully honest with yourself, ask and answer these two questions:

1.  How am I doing/being this?

2.  What’s one thing I’m ACTIVELY doing, to do/be this?

For example:

On my  “healthy relationship” checklist, I have:

Must be a safe space for me to be human.   (Step One)

Then I have to look in the mirror and have a serious discussion with me.  It sounds something like this:

“Ok, so…  how are you being a safe space for yourself to be human, Scheherazade?”  (Step Two)

Well, I’m always a safe space for me,  right?

“Well, what does “safe space” mean?”

It means that I don’t have to worry about being judged when I screw up.  It means that if I say fuck, it won’t be held against me, like…  “oh…what kind of life coach is she, saying words like that…  who’s going to trust that she’s a Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership, with a concentration in the energy of the language that we use”

“Then stop judging yourself for saying fuck.  It all starts with you”


Yes.  It stings.

Yes.  Your heart will try to escape through your throat.

It’s okay.  Go with it.



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