Take the (Valentine’s) Day Off… (Repost)

Give yourself, or your partner a pass, or a significant chunk of time (6-8 hours) to just be.

I know.  Feels like a cop-out, right?  You’re right to have the crooked lip.  After all, this entire post could just be another one of those don’t-feel-bad- because-you’re-alone, or better yet, the you’re-not alone-because-I’m-alone- on-Valentine’s-Day-too, posts.

Then again, it could be another way of looking at thoughtful, or considerate; hell, maybe even love.

Couples:  Giving each other the space to just be, shows that you  respect your partner’s individuality, and while you may not understand it, you recognize that your partner has the need to decompress, and honor whatever that looks like.

Why this works:  Our approach to life changes when we have the opportunity to relax, restore, and rejuvenate from the day to day demands of life.   Did you catch that word, rejuvenate??  As in, to give  new vigor to?  Vigor.

Also, going against the traditional grain demonstrates trust and security in both your partner, and your relationship.  Who knows, going against tradition may well become your own tradition.

If you’re single:  Giving yourself the day off, alleviates the stigma and pressure that being unattached on Valentine’s Day brings.  Let’s face it.  You’ve probably spent enough time beating yourself up for whatever it is that landed you single.

This Valentine’s Day, honor yourself for making the best decision for your well being.  Know that being single, is just what that decision looks like right now.

Why this works:  Shifting your focus from the fact that you’re unattached, frees up room to focus on what you enjoy.

Are you really ready to be in a relationship?  Do you have your stuff together?  Have you figured out how to balance your personal and professional lives?  Have you given yourself the time and space to find out?  Honestly.  Think about it.  Let me know.

Ready to be Relationship Ready?  Wanna know how?

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Thank you for growing with me.


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