Supporting vs. Enabling. What are you doing?

I was rummaging through all of my social media outlets and came across this question on my page.

Seems timely enough.


That said, friends, I appreciate your continued support of my separation from the Facebook.
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Anytime actions move from the goal to the person or feeling, you’ve moved from supporter to enabler.

Supporting doesn’t ‘become’ enabling.  These gestures have very different energies. Take a minute and say, “support”

How does that feel in your body?

Now say, “enable”

Eww, right?

There’s one difference.

I’d have to say that support typically is attached to a goal.    

Support moves us closer to the goal.  This does not always mean that we feel good in the moment of action.  “Tough love” I’ve heard it called.Enabling, is attached to a person or an emotion.   If your actions aren’t moving you closer to a goal, then you’re enabling.

Still not sure?  Here are a couple questions to ask yourself:


  • Is this person doing their level best to help them self?
  • Am I afraid  that not doing something will cause a blowup or  make the person angry with me?
  • Are my actions motivated by pity or guilt?
  • Am I helping this person to take advantage of their full potential?
  • Have my actions resulted in progress?
  • Do I feel my help isn’t appreciated or acknowledged?
  • Do I ignore unacceptable behavior?
  • Am I resentful of the responsibilities I’ve taken on?
  • What harm can come from my actions?
  • Do I lie to cover for someone else’s actions?

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