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Age Old Rule:  Can you date your friend's ex?

So, I’ve taken a fast liking to Enitan O. Bereola, II  Etiquette Impresario and Contemporary Gentleman.

His bestselling guide, BEREOLAESQUE: The Contemporary Gentleman & Etiquette book for the Urban Sophisticate, is a seductive blending of what we single ladies claim we’re looking for. traditional gentlemanly values and the sexual man.

In an honest, refreshing, and sexy manner, Mr. Bereola takes the reader from Diagnosis to Cure, The Movement through the Finale of becoming –

highly appealing and pleasing to the human senses and/or mind; captivating…alluring, attractive-

becoming, Bereolaesque.

What caught my eye was his take on the age old taboo of dating your friend’s ex:  Can you do it?

Mr. Bereola says, yes.  Also,

 ”Having a sense of entitlement to an ex is like getting fired from a job and still expecting pay!” – E. Bereola

A special note for men:  ” it’s imperative that you talk to your buddy before making any moves with his ex. Be sure to discuss it when he is alone because men tend to act like everything is all good in the company of other men, even when it’s not; and “If your friend asks your permission to date your ex, it’s up to you to be completely honest with yourself and with him.”

Check out more of  Bereola’s take on the situation, and check out the book.  It’s so worth it.

..and there’s nothing sexier to me than taking responsibility for you.

Thank you for growing with me.

Have you dated a friend’s ex?  Are you thinking about it?

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