Redefining “I’m Down”

My friend sent me a text message yesterday morning.

Home yoga today?

My response, interestingly enough, was

What is? Home yoga? I’m down.

While typically, I’m down, is used to indicate acceptance of an invitation, as if to say, “I’m with that plan”, in this case, it felt a little different, as if to say, “I’m down, not working well”.  Hell, my immediate thought was that it was code for “Clean up your house”, which remains on the list of things to be done.


Peggy K. Hong, Badass Yoga Nun, (no order) leads a collective group of women through the healing practice that is Iyengar Yoga. The practice space is a home. Ta da! Home. Yoga.

Iyengar yoga classes are known for precision, rigor, individualized attention, modifications and adjustments, and integration of body/mind/spirit.

Peggy facilitates other public classes, which are community gift donation-based classes.

Wanna know more?? You can check out Peggy’s classes here, and find out more about Peggy, here.

Iyengar Yoga with Peggy, promotes gift culture and alternative economies for true interconnection and sustainability
bring $2 or $20 or a quart of soup or some veggies or ????

Unfamiliar with Sacred Economics??


oh, yeah.  And all this to say, I’m sorry, Theyla.  My best intention, was to eat, hydrate and be ready for yoga.  I ate super well.  Had plenty to drink…

Did I mention class starts at 5:00??
Did I mention class starts at 5:00??


And woke up from savasana, at 5:24.


And after I beat myself up a little, for oversleeping, I gently reminded myself that I must’ve really needed that rest.  Good job. It’s all a balance.

I’ll see you in a yoga class.  Mornings work best for me.

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