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How far can you push a mother’s love?

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A single flash.  It was every sound that could be heard, all at once.  Sidra’s eyes jerked open; her hands trembling.   Rain ran down the windows in sheets.   What looked like tears fell from her hairline, to her lap.   Her eyes, still not sure of what happened.

“Sid!”   The only person that called her Sid, was her husband Jaughn.  “Sid!  Babe!” Just then, Jaughn walked over to Sidra, dropped his bags, and kissed her cheek.  “Damn babe; you’re soaking wet.  You okay? It wasn’t until then that Sidra realized that she was dreaming.  She was in her bed.  The thunderstorm issued a bolt of lightening that halved the hundred year old oak in their neighbor’s yard and planted it in the roof and trunk of Sidra’s Audi Q5.

“Your car is totaled.” said Jaughn.

“What do you mean totaled?  I’ve been in bed since 8:30.  Why didn’t OnStar call me?  They call for every fucking thing else!  What the hell?!”  Sidra was growing more hysterical with each question.

“Calm down Sid” Jaughn sat on the bed next to her and grabbed her hand.  “The tree next door was struck by lightening, and fell on your car.  The fence, half of the garage, and your car, are all smashed to shit out there.”

“I thought I killed somebody” Sidra mumbled under her breath. “What?” John was headed to the bathroom, but Sidra’s comment stopped him in his tracks.  “Killed somebody?  I thought you were in bed all night.  What are you talking about?”

Sidra got out of bed, kissed her husband and went toward the kitchen to get a get a glass of water.  “Nothing love.  Can you start a shower?  I feel grimy.  I’m going to get something to drink, you want me to get you something?”

“I want you to get your sexy ass back up here.  I missed my wife.”

Sidra flipped up the hem of her nightie, mooning Jaughn.  “I’ll be right back.  Start the shower.  And remember it’s for me.  I like it hot.”


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