My spirit.

Last night, my good friend introduced me to the latest Netflix original series, Big Mouth.  The series is about middle schoolers and their bout with puberty.

A of all, the show is terribly accurate. I remember being in middle school. I remember the first time I looked at my vagina in the mirror, the “All About Me” book that seemingly every puberting girl got from their mothers or aunts, to:

  1. celebrate the milestone, and
  2. avoid having “the talk”.

I remember thinking/feeling the ways these animated characters are.

Additionally, as a teacher of the middle schoolers, I can attest to these bouts.  I’ve had some of my students since they were 4th graders.  I’m also mother to a 10 year old.  Nothing I’ve seen on television has been so honest in it’s depiction of the trials and tribulations of coming of age.

Mind you, this series is rated TV-MA – Mature Audiences.

Which brings me to this:  Why do my students know about it? So much so, that they have full on conversations about it, *and* it’s accuracy.

Let’s face it. I’m jaded.

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