Merry Christmas!!

It’s that time of year again, and like each year, there is a box of unmailed Christmas cards, and unmailed notes, and letters which have gone from being Christmas greetings, to “Holiday Greetings”, thereby giving them at least 8 days more shelf life before they’re just plain late.


So, while I sit here, waiting on Christmas Turkey to finish frying, I figured I’d send a quick update and holiday wish to you.

2013 was kind of amazing.  Lots of revelations.  Lots of coming to grips with certain realities.

Lots of returns; lots and lots of letting go.

This year has served as the platform to carve out new clarity.  A getting one’s shit together, of sorts, and the realization that the sorts, change all the time.

That said, I am unbelievably grateful for the new friends that I’ve made.  And while I still battle with the losses of some friendships, and still mourn friendships that I’ve had to end myself, I am filled with awe at the people who have entered my life; who are so beautiful, that they make taking the risk of putting my heart out there again, totally worth the ride.

I feel like am growing within my place in this world.  Like I can finally fill out these big girl panties.

I’ve let go of alot of bitterness about being a divorced mother, that I carried around for the majority of this year.   I have an amazing, albeit intimate support system.  The Dude, is growing smarter, kinder, and considerate daily.  He’s taught me the value in plain, honest curiosity, and unadulterated play. In walking my talk.  He’s amazingly keen at holding me accountable to what it is I even *think* I’m going to say to him.  


Did I mention that I’m writing again??  Ha!  I’m.  Writing.  Poems.  Stories.  Monologues.   This feels good.



I can’t WAIT to share the monologues!!  Top of 2014.





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