Highlight: Malika Duke, Fit Rich Woman

I have met some truly amazing, inspiring women in the industry.

Meet, Malika Duke.  Truth impressario and Creative force behind FitRichWoman

What inspired you to pursue FitRichWoman (FRW) full-time?

I started it as a niche business that I worked on part time along with other niche businesses like my sales/marketing coaching business and relationship advice business. All of which I have turned off the shopping carts and work only for donations. :-)

How did you know that FRW was your passion?

Saying it’s “my passion” makes it sound as if it’s my only one. I believe all people are multi-passionate and multi-talented if we only developed them.

What is your favorite part of entrepreneurship?

My favorite part was watching people transform. Which is why I still do it today without requirement of payment!

What would you say to new entrepreneurs just starting out?

Don’t do it!

The true business of our life is to connect with ourselves through the observance of our relationship with the universe, others and earth. To be love and express love. Focus on your soul unfolding not on what will “earn money”.  In truth, it doesn’t matter.  It all goes back to (if it ever leaves) the bank anyway.

Serve people.  Teach them how to empower themselves without you. Teach them skills that will not to be forever dependent on you or any authority/guru outside of themselves. Of course you won’t make much money this way.  You will create a powerful network of reciprocity that money simply couldn’t buy. Besides, money isn’t why you started business, riiiight?

What has been most surprising about entrepreneurship?

Initially it was hard; then I learned a few mind control tricks and felt like I was manifesting money!! Then I learned is it a trap just like being an employee to keep us distracted from the real business of life.

I learned that business ownership is simply a way to profit from servicing symptoms to problems we actually need to solve once and for all. I learned that putting a price on my services and goods instantly made those who couldn’t afford it unworthy of the transformation I know I deliver. I learned that more pain = more profit in business and that is not cool! I was surprised to learn that it was yet another carrot on a stick in our quest for “financial freedom” or at least “comfortable” living.

Where will we find you when you’re not feeding the world?

Ha, I’m always feeding the world 24/7! Those who appear as my cohabitants get fed most often with knowledge and substance. I’m always questioning and learning about what is really important in life… always working on myself to higher levels of awareness so I can view life on a broader scale. I pry open my mind regularly dump in out on the floor and only put back in what serves me NOW.

What’s one quote that most closely matches your Core Principles?

“We are all one and there is always enough!” ~Universe

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