Every “Failed” Relationship I’ve Been In, Captured in 3 minutes

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It happens to the best of us.

and no, it’s not a Slam Poem.


It’s an awesome kinetic sculpture, “Man and Woman”  by Georgian mixed media artist and sculptor, Tamara Kvesitadze.

The sculpture, it’s told, tells the all to common tragic love story.  This time, of “Ali and Nino”. The story is similar to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and tells of an Azerbaijani youth who falls in love with a Georgian princess but dies defending his country.

It’s completely breathtaking.  I mean, the size alone.  But then, at 7:00 pm every evening, they tell their aching tale.

And I see myself in the woman.  The way she seems to go in first.  The way she disappears in him. The way he seems to grow because of her, and the way he leaves her.  And even after he’s gone, The way she lingers to become whole, again.

If you’ve got three minutes, check it out.  It’s beautiful.

and no.  The music, is not my choice.  I’d go for something off of my Unrequited playlist on the Spotify. 

oh.  And because I love me a good poem, and it’s the season, check out a favorite of mine, Natasha T. Miller lay out “Halloween Suggestions for Your Ex-Lover”


Let me know what you think of the statues and the poem!!!  Comment below!

Until next time,

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