Dirty Mouth?!?

Come on now, we're all adults here...

Sure, you’re a nice girl. But nice girls have their naughty side, too. You know you want to try it–the late night phone call telling him your secret fantasy…”


In ‘dirty talk – speak the language of lust‘, Lynne Stanton encourages and instructs us ladies on bringing our secret fantasies to life.

Find info on where to get it on the Resources Page.

Some tips from Stanton include beginning dirty talking with yourself, find phrases you like, such as

Do you want me
Do you want to touch me there
Do you want to be inside me

She also suggests grabbing hot phrases from your favorite porn movies and smut books.
Need some pointers? Stanton’s list includes

The Devil In Miss Jones
Behind the Green Door

Anything by director Candida Royale (doesn’t that sound like an STD?)

Anything by Anais Nin (Delta of Venus, Little Birds, Journal of Love)
Anything by Henry Miller
Anything by Nancy Friday


So do you do it? Dirty Talk? What works? What bombs?

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