Cig Free – Day Six

I think I’m hungry, which is something that I’m looking forward to.  I’m not sure whether the lack of appetite is due to my marriage going through it’s transition, or due to my quit smoking missive.

What I’ve noticed thus far is that I’m much thirstier.  My throat feels dry more often, and I have this hack, which produces a wonderful ick of something that’s surely better out than in.

Either way…At 98lbs. (which is 5 lbs. lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight) I’m looking for ways to get my weight up.   I’ve asked some nutritional guru connects that I’ve acquired through the facebook and twitter, with no response.  I really need to re-connect with my very good friend, the ProMomBlogger for a refresher on e-etiquette.  Maybe, “Hi.  I’m terribly underweight, and am wondering if you have any advice or resources that would be beneficial to my goal of reaching a healthy weight” isn’t the way to approach the matter.

That said, I’m grateful that my appetite has returned.  So very happy to be excited about food again, and wondering what yummy goodness I’m gonna eat today!

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