Cig Free – Day 11 – Finally…someone who gets it.


I’m having a hard time.


I feel like music itself, is conspiring against me, with the aim of putting every detail of my relationship business in the street.  The Playlist for the last 30 mins:


  1. Kem – Missin Your Love
  2. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – All Cried Out
  3. The Supremes – Where Did Our Love Go
  4. Floetry – Now That You’re Gone.

Just before I hurled my iPod across the room, I read a chapter in Susan Piver’s “The Wisdom of a Broken Heart“,  entitled

“Yes, You Have Lost Your Mind” (But it’s Okay).


  • The inability to focus on things that I want to focus on.
  • The complete overtaking of my thoughts waking and sleeping.
  • The “who is this woman parading around, calling herself me”.

All Okay???

Everything I look at, hear, taste…reminds me of the loss of my happily ever after.  I feel crazy most of the time.  Like I don’t have control over my own self.  This level of absolute hopelessness, reminds me of watching my mother fight a slow, painful fight with cancer.

Finally.  Someone who gets it.  And doesn’t make me feel weak or stupid or trapped in some  juvenile fairy tale love because of it.  Relief…  Thanks Susan


Have you read Wisdom of a Broken Heart?  How has it helped you?  Let me know!


Thank you for growing with me.

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