Blogging with the Ravens

Every week the school hosts student-led extra curricular classes, called Passions.  These classes include everything from Perler Beads, to Photography, T-Shirt design, and this, Blogging.

The blogging passions class is only open to the 8th graders, and they are learning how to:

  1. Use social media responsibly.
  2. Understand the power in a blogging platform.
  3. Create works to add to their Seminar Portfolio.

The 8th graders are in a weekly Seminar class, which has 10 competency projects, including creative expression, a personal narrative, planning a trip and other tasks which will introduce and develop life skills necessary for their next adventure in education, and life.

I’m super excited that these four are interested in the class, and want y’all to check out their blog sites, leave comments and continue to encourage their expressing themselves authentically and creatively!!

How Sway?




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