Back to Work

After nearly ten years, I’m looking into returning to the traditional, nine to five, half hour lunch, with two 15 minute break, work force.

I got an “invitation to join a group interview” this week.  Two questions here:

1.  When did I apply for this position?

2.  What’s a group interview?


There are two types of group interview.  The first, more common type (also known as Panel Interview) involves the candidate being interviewed by a panel of two or more hiring managers, following a typical question & answer model.

“Tell us why we should hire you…”


The other,  less common type group interview hosts a number of candidates applying for the same position. There is a brief presentation from the hiring company, followed by each candidate answering key questions relating their experience and qualifications for the position:  (Head to 7:40 in the video.  If you’ve got 15 minutes, check the whole episode!)


No.  This is not an exaggeration.  This is, the group interview process.


And heres a SMART tip on finding the job for you:


1.  Take an honest assessment of the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired during your time away, and how these can be transferable to the work force.  Be Specific.  Exactly, what have you learned, i.e. time management, ability to multitask and prioritize, etc.

2.  Once you’ve got your list of skills, look at how you are able to measure your level of ability.  You should answer the question:  What activities have you been involved in that show your level of ability, and what were the results?  Highlight volunteer or community involvement, continuing education, freelance projects or self employment.  Identify your accomplishments.  Here is a good place to review the key skills you’ve developed.

3.  You’ve got your experience, skills developed, and you’re able to quantify this information.  Now look at the positions you’ve been eyeing.  Based on what you’ve got, is landing the job an achievable task?  In other words, are your leadership skills developed in the Neighborhood Block Club sufficient for you to fill a Medical Director position?  If so, proceed!  If not, look into beefing up your education in your desired field. Perhaps not medical school, though if you’re interested in entering the administrative arena, taking a business course, starting, or finishing your degree, are great steps.

4.  If the job is achievable  identify how our skills are relateable to the requirements of the position, and the overall mission of the company.

5.  Finally, set a goal that is time oriented.  Once you begin your job search, how much time are you giving yourself to land the job?  Once you have this in place, you’ll have an idea of how much work you have to invest to reach the goal.  If your goal is to land a job within 60 days of beginning your job search, how many resumes and contacts will you need to make a day?  How many interviews are you prepared to go on in a week?


Regarding my interview, I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for growing with me



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